Count Online Users with Azure SignalR Service

  • August 1, 2018
I have been following Dino Esposito’s SignalR series from the last few MSDN Magazine editions. In the May edition of the Magazine, Dino talked about the subtle details of ASP.Net Core SignalR. It is an excellent read, and it covers the topic in a much better and concise manner than I will ever be able to describe. In his latest article, Dino discussed the various use cases of SignalR. If you have been watching the Azure space closely, then you must have noticed that a new service named Azure SignalR Service joined the Azure family.

The First Post

  • July 30, 2015
Finally, my custom blogging platform is ready and raring to go. I will try to write as frequently as I can and keep making platform improvements. Since I have been working on building my blogging platform for some time, I think my opening blog should talk about how the platform works. September 23, 2016: I have migrated my blog to Hugo, which is a static site generator. Azure WebApps still hosts this blog.
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Hi! I'm Rahul Rai, an author, a programmer, and a technophile. I'm a Senior Consultant at Readify, Sydney, Australia.

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