Enhance Integrated CI and CD in Azure Pipelines as Code With Key Utils: Binary Logger and Report Generator

  • December 3, 2019
If you are using Azure DevOps for building and deploying your .NET core applications, then you should consider the following. Azure Pipelines now supports composing both the build and release stages as code. You can now combine your CI and CD pipeline definitions into a single pipeline definition that lives within the same repository as the application code. Turn on binary logging in MSBuild so that you receive exhaustive structured logs from the build process.

Continuous TeX Document Production with GitHub Actions

  • July 21, 2019
Here is my little secret: My résumé lives in a private GitHub repository. I use TeX, which is a popular typesetting language, to compose my résumé. TeX helps you separate document text from formatting. Major publishers whose content and design teams work independently of each other use TeX. The content team produces content, and the design team makes the content presentable. In a typical publishing workflow, the author marks the various parts of content such as headers, and footers with inbuilt, or custom TeX commands.

Integration Tests in Azure Pipelines with ASP.Net Core and SQL on Docker

  • April 17, 2019
I usually like to keep my application dependencies such as the database, and emulators packaged in containers. Running the dependencies in containers gives me the ability to keep my development process fluid as I can bring up the dependencies to the desired state no matter how massively I deform them. In my CI pipelines, I enforce the execution of unit tests and integration tests on every build. Usually, running integration tests involve running test cases along with the dependency, which is a database most of the time.

Add DevOps To Your Existing Dockerized Applications With Azure DevOps Projects

  • July 26, 2018
As a cloud developer, the current offering to add support for DevOps (CI\CD) to an application always felt less optimal to me. In VSTS, tasks such as creating CI and CD workflows, linking the pipelines with code repository, and adding monitoring take a little time even though the quick start templates have considerably optimized the process. A new offering from Azure named Microsoft Azure DevOps Projects fills this gap in the DevOps offering.
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