I am a versatile consultant with a passion for leadership and problem-solving, with over ten years of hands-on experience in cloud and web technologies. I have a proven track record of applying emerging technologies and processes to drive efficiency in enterprise technology operations. I have thorough experience of working with clients to design enterprise applications and foster innovation, collaboration, and development in teams. I possess excellent interpersonal communication, creative, and team management skills which enable me to manage cross-functional resources in an organisation.

I have authored two books on Microservices orchestrators: Azure Service Fabric- Microservices with Azure, by Packt, and Kubernetes- Kubernetes Succinctly, by Syncfusion.


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I've known Rahul since his early days in Microsoft as a wonder kid who creates and publishes a lot of IPs, review books and deliver sessions on various Azure related areas. Later had an opertunity to work with him in a project and has always been amazed at his ability to draw in the latest technology for solving complex business problems. He is good at handling customers and helping them understand how technology can help them in many sitations.

Monish Mohan Microsoft

Rahul is a talented software architect. At Microsoft, He worked on several technically complex projects based on cloud technologies, And he did a fabulous job ensuring the architecture met the business requirements and scaled to meet new requirements. I heartily recommend Rahul. -Imported from LinkedIn

Manish Sharma Architect, Microsoft

I have worked with Rahul on multiple Azure engagements in Microsoft. Rahul was an Azure champ and was always very passionate about cloud technology. He is self driven and has an appetite for solving complex technical problems. Having handled complex mid and large sized enterprise engagements as an architect and on-site coordinator, Rahul has established top quality skills in handling customers. I would highly recommend Rahul as a solution architect.

Namit Tanasseri Cloud Solution Architect, Avanade (Sydney)

When I think of Rahul, what comes to mind is code patterns, architecture and practices. He is the go-to guy for designing and developing large and scalable applications. However, after working with him on customer projects, I feel his true value addition is how quickly he can master new technologies and use them with ease. He has great customer interaction skills.

Prasanna Sridharan Microsoft

Rahul is an extremely dedicated professional. He has been the pillar of the Azure group for quite some time now in the organization. Rahul has amazing aptitude of solving functional problems, Giving a good scalable design. He is one of the best I have worked with in the industry who has very good knowledge around software design and architecture. -Imported from LinkedIn

Rahul Chugh Enterprise Architect, Trimax Americas

I have worked with Rahul on few projects in Microsoft. Rahul is exceptional in his domain. He loves technical challenges and is always ready to learn more. He is a great team player and always leads from the front. I have always enjoyed working with Rahul. He is an asset to have in team.

Ankit Vijay Consultant, Microsoft

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Hi! I'm Rahul Rai, an author, a programmer, and a technophile. I'm a Senior Consultant at Readify, Sydney, Australia.

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