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Hello, I am Rahul, and I write about my thoughts and experiments with the cloud on this blog. I am a Software Engineer at heart, a Microsoft MVP, and a DZone MVB. By profession, I am a Group Product Manager at LogicMonitor. You can find my free eBooks and courses here on this website.

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Rahul Rai is a technology enthusiast and a Software Engineer at heart. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP with over (↩ to date) of hands-on experience in cloud and web technologies. With so much leadership experience behind him and currently holding a Group Product Manager Role at LogicMonitor, he has successfully established and led engineering teams and designed enterprise applications to help solve businesses’ organizational challenges.

Outside of his day job, Rahul ensures he’s still contributing to the cloud ecosystem by authoring books, offering free workshops, and frequently posting on his blog: to share his insights and help break down complex topics for other current and aspiring professionals.