Ignite Australia 2017 - Architectural Patterns for Hyperscale Service Fabric Implementations

Last week @Namit and I were at Ignite Australia. We had a great time interacting with technology enthusiasts from across Australia. We presented a lot of demos built using Service Fabric, Hololens and Congnitie Services to the attendees and received thrilling feedback. The event was well worth our investment of time and effort. We would deliver many more such presentations in future.

Microservices with Azure

We did an interview with SSW TV, in which we talked about the advantages of using Service Fabric as a platform to host microservices. We also announced the pre-release of our upcoming title Microservices with Azure, published by Packt.

Microservices Architectural Patterns

At Ignite, we delivered a session on microservices architectural patterns. In our book, we have documented 21 key architectural patterns which will propel your solution through common architectural hurdles. These patterns are tried, tested and have repeatedly proven successful in the field. In the session we discussed seven out of the 21 architecture patterns that are documented in the book. You should watch the session to get a feel of the premise of our upcoming title and also to start planning your microservices implementation. Also, if your Service Fabric concepts are a bit fuzzy, this session should prove to be a great refresher.

The slides are available for download from Channel 9 at this link: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Ignite/Australia-2017/ARC231

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