Okay, this is a bit of self promotion but my ARM template to provision IoT Hub has been merged with the official Azure documentation branch recently. What this means is that now you can visit this link, click on Deploy to Azure button, supply some parameter values and have an IoT Hub provisioned in your subscription. If you want to view the script that is responsible for provisioning the infrastructure, you can view the script in the Azure Quick Start GitHub repository here. You can read more about how and why you should use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for defining and deploying your resources here.

What I Need From You

You can help me improve the template for yourself and others by taking it for a test drive and reporting any bugs that you may find either in the comments section (email etc.) or directly in the GitHub repo.

You Should Contribute Too

I often have to do stuff that you might have done earlier. Maybe a script that you developed last week can help me save some time in my current project. I firmly believe that if you have ever taken help of some one in completing your work, which might be referring to a Stack Overflow answer or a copying code from a blog post that someone wrote, then you are living with a knowledge debt. You need to help others to repay that debt. The internet can’t survive being a read-only place. Our collective knowledge makes the internet tick.

But I Don’t Have Time\It Looks Intimidating\I Don’t Know Enough…

Any time I ask people to contribute and they say anything other than yes, I replace whatever they say with the word excuse. I have heard so many excuses till now that I don’t even bother listening to what they say. For a thousand people who only read, tens of people write. Writing helps you establish your own brand and helps establish your own identity in this huge world of internet. I hope to encourage you enough to start writing something. You don’t have to write articles and books right from the beginning. Start by answering questions on forums. Paste code snippets in GitHub Gist and let the internet know. Talk about the gadgets you own or what you did in your day that others can do to make their day more productive.

I Would Join You

Let me know if I can help you with something to get started. If you post links in the comments, I can subscribe to your blogs or newsfeed. I know the fact that us being humans, we expect appreciation for everything we do and blogging does not get you enough thanks and love. Remember that it is a brand you are establishing and an identity that you are creating for yourself. Even if your audience does not acknowledge, they know you and are thankful to you for the code that you posted that helped them avoid spending extra time in office. Let me know what you think!

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