Save Your Precious Dev Time With Command Aliases In Windows Terminal

  • September 23, 2019
Developers are always looking for ways to optimize their productivity. The latest addition that I did to improve mine was to create aliases for the most common commands that I use every day. I have entirely pivoted to using the new Windows Terminal for my day-to-day command line activities. Windows Terminal is a modern, open-source application that aggregates multiple terminals and shells such as command prompt, PowerShell, and WSL and adds features such tab support, rich text, configuration, and visual themes to them.

Automate Your Life with Microsoft Flow

  • May 16, 2016
Microsoft recently launched its own variant of IFTTT named Microsoft Flow. Using Flow, you can create and deploy workflows that connect various apps and services. They are very similar to Azure Logic Apps and use the same grammar to define conditions (as we will soon see). Currently what sets both the services apart is the fact that Flow has a subset of functionalities of Azure Logic Apps available to it and comes with ready to use templates which are easy to deploy.
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